Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow day 3.5

I'm officially over the winter wonderland -- especially now that it's all turned to slush. I awoke to the sound of chirping birds -- they must have been hiding over the past couple of days -- and incessant dripping. All the beautiful snow and ice is melting, and a light rain is speeding up the process. Chris drove to work today after two days of working at home, but Oscar ended up having the entire week of from school because the roads are still a mess. Chris's parents arrived from Michigan yesterday despite the airport having just one runway open. Unfortunately, after driving Oscar to the orthodontist and then his friend's house, they spent a good part of their day stuck in the slush near my house. Soaking wet in the rain, we dug around the tires and pushed the car, and with the help of a pair of good Samaritans we finally got it on its way.

Rain and wind are predicted for next week -- so, business as usual?

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