Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hunger Games hype

I know I'm not the only adult who reads young adult fiction. It's often so much more imaginative and fun than "adult" books! I still haven't read Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, but I will! Oscar has had the first book in the series for about a year (his friends had recommended it), but he didn't like it. Now that the movie is coming out, he's found it impossible to resist the hype.

I have no idea how the decision came about, but the entire 6th grade class at Oscar's middle school is now headed on a field trip for a noon showing of the film three days after its release. The letter I received from the school explains:
"Many, if not most, of our 6th grade students have read the book The Hunger Games and wish to see one of their favorite books come to life on the big screen. They have been anticipating the release of the film for several months. Students who have not read the book seem to be motivated to read it before the film is released to compare and contrast the book and movie."
I am still flabbergasted that these middle school kids get to go see a movie -- which most could have gone to see with their families anyway -- during school time! But I'm not about to relegate my kid to sit in the library while everyone else gets to go on one of the most anticipated events of the entire school year. After all, friendships and bonding experiences are a huge part of adolescence, so...whatever.

I'm also highly in favor of this sort of hype surrounding book releases (I really miss the anticipation of the new Harry Potter volumes), so this is possibly the next best thing. And just like the letter said, the anticipation of the movie inspired Oscar to reread the book. And this time, he liked it. Now he wants to read the sequels, and I'm happy about that.


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  2. I've now read the book and loved it! Now I really want to see the movie. I wonder if that field trip needs any chaperones...

  3. I read the first one and enjoyed it but haven't read the others. I like to read YA too (amongst other things) - I like to know I'm still on the pulse and hip with the young crowd (oh dear). Even my husband read this one and enjoyed it, so it will be good to see the movie. My kids aren't old enough for this yet but at least once they are I'll have a good library of YA for them to choose from.