Sunday, November 27, 2011

B is for books

Never mind Seattle, I can't think of a bookstore I love more in the whole world than Alphabet Soup. This kids' bookstore in a tiny blue cottage on Wallingford's N 45th Street is bursting with charm -- and books. From board books to the thick Harry Potter tomes -- both new and gently used -- there's something for everyone, including an amazing, carefully curated selection of vintage. The displays are clearly created with love. A week or so ago there was a case of picture books front and center celebrating the city's first snow of the season. Books about transportation are corralled in a boat-shaped bookcase. On fine days, racks of picture books on the sidewalk encourage browsers. A tiny table and chairs invite toddlers to explore the picture books in the cozy back corner. If you don't have kids to shop for, there is a small selection of books for grown-ups, and a large selection of exquisite vintage-style greeting cards. Also: Free gift wrap! Every detail of this store is so appealing that I practically quiver with delight every time I go in.

I was happy to learn that Alphabet Soup just celebrated its seventh birthday and I hope it will have many more. One thing to note before you go: It's only open on Thursdays through Sundays. But if you like children's books as much as I do, Alphabet Soup is a shopping destination worth going out of your way for. I'm so lucky I live close by and can stop in often!


  1. Ooh, we need to go here. Wallingford field trip!

  2. Make sure you call me when you're in the neighborhood!