Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kick, punch, it's all in the mind*

While I've been going to Zumba class, Oscar has been taking classes at Jae Hun Kim Taekwon-do Institute. The classes for kids are big, and it's so cute to see rows of white-uniformed kids doing synchronized moves. The head instructor Gailyn Perrin is amazing -- she comes across as kind, but totally no-nonsense and authoritative. When she issues a command, the troops yell "Yes, Ma'am!" in unison. This place is disciplined!

It's in our neighborhood too, which has made it a lot easier to get to classes.

* If you're not familiar with my headline, it comes from one of the best PlayStation videogames in history, Parappa the Rapper. Check out the YouTube video!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Carrie,

    Thanks for the kinds words and the great blog. I'm looking forward to Oscar's first promotion test next weekend!

    Gailyn Perrin