Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Seattle has a reputation for bad weather, specifically, rain. Yet I've had no complaints about the weather over the past four months. Sure, the fall has been colder than I'm used to, but it's refreshing, and if you wear gloves and a scarf, no big deal. And yeah, it's rained sometimes -- a few times all day -- but nothing extreme. An umbrella and hat have kept me entirely dry.

Yesterday it started raining. And last night, the winds grew so strong that the cushion from my outside chair blew away. It's been raining hard all day and it's also cold (currently 44 degrees). When I check the weather app on my iPhone, the rain icon shows up for the entire next week. And it's getting dark at 4:30 pm. Suddenly, leaving the house doesn't seem like such a good idea. This is what everyone complains about! Winter is here.

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