Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fresh Fitness & Dance

My workout routine is best described as inconsistent, but Fresh Fitness is still one of my favorite discoveries in my neighborhood. Just a 10-minute walk from my house, this tiny, hidden dance and fitness studio (just one room with an attached kitchen/dressing room/infrared sauna area) is ideal for someone like me who just likes exercise classes -- not treadmills or weight machines. I've taken daytime Zumba classes from Dee and Michelle, who both have mesmerizing, graceful moves and gyrating hips, which I definitely cannot imitate. But my theory has always been that any activity is better than no activity, and they both make it really fun to shimmy around, burning calories to a blend of Latin/Bollywood/Hip Hop/whatever -- even if I'm not exactly performing on their level.

I'm no Zumba expert, but the version of Zumba at Fresh Fitness seems much less Latin-influenced than the few Zumba classes I took in the Bay Area, which for me is a plus. As far as I'm concerned, the more variety, the better; I get bored easily. I'm pretty sure these classes would have simply been termed "aerobics" back when I was in college. I've also taken one Pilates Mat class and want to try the Cardio Kick, but they're offered at dinnertime, and I prefer to get my workout done earlier in the day. I'm also gearing up to get up by 6:30 so I can take something called Fresh Camp.

The cost for Fresh Fitness is a little steep for me -- um, especially considering I'm unemployed -- (it's $90 for a 10-class punch card or $69/month; I've been using the punch card option), but, given the small class size, it's almost like getting a private lesson. I've been in a couple of classes with just one other student; most have a handful -- until more people discover this place, anyway.

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