Friday, November 11, 2011

Off the Wall

I was in love with Off the Wall School of Music's funky aesthetic before we even moved to Seattle, when I was trolling the Internet for piano schools. Now Oscar is taking lessons there once a week.

His teacher is Caleb. My impression so far is that the teachers really challenge the students, so they progress quickly. (Or, it could be that my kid is no longer in elementary school with the same piano teacher he's had since Kindergarten!) They also let the students play music they like. Oscar learned how to play current radio hit Dynamite by Taio Cruz and is now obsessed with the videogame theme Mario Underworld.

If you live in Seattle and want to check it out, they offer a free lesson! A real one for half an hour! If you end up signing up for lessons, tell them Oscar sent you and he'll get a free lesson too. Win-win, right?


  1. I didn't know Oscar played piano--how cool! Sorry to hear about the Mario Brothers thing though, that must be painful to listen to about the 100th time, or even the 10th.

  2. I kind of like the Mario theme. It sounds better on piano. :-)